• Establishment of a state-of-the-art high-tech research facility to carry out research in the field of Biomedical Sciences.
  • To set up a clinical diagnostic research centre for executing clinical diagnosis.
  • To excel in undertaking basic community-based research.
  • Provide educational facilities for the training and practise of personnel in all important branches of healthcare activity and to undertake socially relevant medical research.
  • To establish facilities for the treatment of patients.
  • To provide for - facilities for post graduate medical education and training for the healthcare sector.
  • Setting up state-of-the-art electronic, high-tech library information system for aiding medical research and practices.
  • To engage qualified manpower in pharmaceutical research, medical laboratory technology, biomedical product development and advanced biomedical research leading to PhD/DSc.
  • Integrate the knowledgebase relevant to the biomedical response of humans under various local climatic conditions as well as during infection and quantify/assess the gravity of risk levels associated.
  • Develop and manage the implementation of integrated research plan that will aid in the development and implementation of technologies across all biomedical and associated technological disciplines that enable prevention of various diseases, with special attention to viral diseases.
  • Ensure the dissemination of knowledge generated by this program to the scientific and other receptive community.
  • To set up research & development centre in identified medical and allied service with quality, sensitivity assurances and cost effectiveness.
  • To carry out target identification for recognized medical indications and initiate drug discovery process for the neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases.
  • Initiate research on Ayur-informatics – Drug design and modern drug delivery means for native medicinal plants.
  • Conduct education and public outreach programs consistent with Mahatma Gandhi University’s mission and public outreach objectives.